“Hannah K McGregor” portrait

“Misgendering” sample illustration, 2018

“Cut”, sample illustration, 2018

“Heartwood Bookplate”, designed for Power and Magic Press, 2018

“Midwinter Sun”, Tarot card design for the Tabula Idem deck, 2016

“Home”, sample illustration, 2018

“Fairy Tale”, illustration for a personal project, 2017

“Winter Owl I” personal series

“Winter Owl II” personal series

“Winter Owl III” personal series

“Jaina Bee” gift illustration

“Mary Sue”, illustration for an article by Elizabeth Minkel published on, 2017

“Fansplaining Logo”, 2019

“Viking Girls”, for Shout Out Anthology from TO Comix Press, 2018

“Pomica, Vinica, Caprica”, a gift, 2019

“The Lovers” for Rolled and Told Magazine, February 2019

“The Wyvern” for Rolled and Told Magazine, April 2019

Sample illustration for “Three Journeys”, September 2019